Hyperhidrosis, this disease that makes you sweat



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Zoé Tondut, known under the pseudo-justzoe on social networks, suffers from hyperhidrosis. This disease causes excessive sweating of the body. For Brut, she recounts her daily life with this pathology.

There, I have sweaty palms.This is the daily life of Zoé Tondut, 21 years old. Influencer on social networks, “Juste Zoé” raises awareness of this disease that she has suffered from since childhood: hyperhidrosis. “You have sweaty hands and feet and other body parts all the time, for no reason, you sweat like that“, she explains. “It shows up when we talk about it, when you’re stressed or just touching things with your hands.

The young woman has found tips in her daily life in the face of the disease. “From the age of 5, I remember that when I played cards with my family, I put on gloves because otherwise I would wet the cards“recalls Zoe. “When I know I’m going to sweat in a stressful situation, or I’m going to meet people and possibly have sweaty hands, I put on clothes that absorb.

But the gaze of others plays a lot on the perception of herself and of hyperhidrosis. “In fact, in people’s heads, it’s sometimes associated with ‘she’s dirty, it’s gross, it’s sweat’, … when it’s not dirty sweat, it’s just water coming out of my hands“says Zoe. “But as a result, I grew up, I learned more about the disease, about what it was and I saw above all that there were a lot of people who were affected by it and suddenly, that made me uninhibited.

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