Hungry dogs, cats without water by 30°C…: “acts of abuse” denounced in a pound in Lot-et-Garonne

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The One Voice association denounces the management of the Sivu 47 pound in Caubeyres and wants to seize the prefect and justice.

With probable complicity inside the Sivu 47 pound in Caubeyres

, the One Voice association made public this Wednesday an “investigation” on the dysfunctions in the management of dogs and cats which are deposited there when they are not recovered on the public highway. One Voice says it wants to seize the prefect and the public prosecutor of Agen.

Broadcast in a press release dated Wednesday, the images recovered by One Voice and attributed to the pound of SIVU47 were transmitted comments. Starving dogs in pain, boxes where you can see the silhouettes of cats, and felines crammed into cages. Accusations of negligence and “animal abuse” give this establishment shaken by cascading broadcasts in recent months a deplorable public image if these elements are proven.

The SPA says it reported

“At the sight of the images reported, we condemn these acts of mistreatment and decide to become a civil party as soon as a hearing date is fixed” explains the SPA 47, which says that it has “constantly in recent years denounce to the competent authorities the dysfunctions of this structure and this without real progress. […] “Dogs found straying and stray cats are kept in terrible conditions,” say One Voice officials. “Boxes open to all winds, without water during the night when the temperatures are around thirty degrees. “The association describes the building called La Quarantaine, “cats are stored there on shelves and on the cement in cages

In a few days, many cats, in poor condition, were placed in these cages. This information dates back to last May. “However, in the spring, the pound is not full. The shelters are not yet running at full speed. »

” Cold room “

One Voice then describes a “cold room” with dead animals packed in six bin bags in a freezer. The opened bags revealed the presence of kittens. They are often abandoned at birth because they have not found a home. The association denounces the photos in support of the presence of dead cats and dogs. One Voice gives specific examples, of a number 174 “who was injured by throwing himself panicked against a fence and was not treated” or of 162, “died without care and without the slightest attention. »

The management of the Sivu 47 pound did not react on Thursday to the accusations made by One Voice. The volunteer members of the association’s executive board have resigned following a dispute. The Sivu47 pound file is not empty within the State services. The prefecture also indicates that beyond the visits carried out on site, recommendations had been sent to the head of the pound.

The Sivu47 pound at Caubeyres should not be confused with the AMDA refuge at SPA 47. The two establishments are close by distance.

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