how to protect small animals in the garden?

Our cat’s instinct triggers the hunting spirit that lies dormant in him, pushing him to attack the small animals in the garden. In this new episode, Laetitia Barlerin, veterinary doctor and journalist, gives us the procedure to follow to protect them. A podcast hosted by Alexandra Belooussova.

Why does my cat chase small animals in the garden?

Hedgehog, mouse, bird… the mere sight of one of these animals immediately stimulates cat’s hunting instinct. And this, even if he is sated and has just eaten. You should know that all cats have this instinct, whether they are frominterior ou ofoutside (so of gutter). Of course, this instinct is more or less strong depends on season, of the’live

What animals do cats hunt?

Laetitia Barlerin gives us the list of garden animals that the cat hunts. And contrary to what one might think, it is not the birds that come first. In 70% of casesfelines hunt rodents (field mice, shrews, mice…). Domestic cats are also provided by the insects and the reptiles, like the lizards.

How to protect small animals in the garden from your cat?

Pour proast small garden animalsbut also wildlife, the instinct of the cat, here are some tips to put in place:

  • Sterilize the cat.
  • Arrange the garden with refuge areas.
  • Offering toys for cats to change their minds.
  • Guarantee security eating.

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