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You get along well with @docline under your old pseudonym Neva, so do you take advantage of your anonymity to criticize so powerfully a person whom you have known for years but who cannot know who you are?

The first time I changed my nickname, you created with your friend lizzza a topic on wamiz to ask the moderation to Fire me (outright) because of my change of nickname (but in fact, your real reason is is that I’m a guy and you hate anything with testicles, including cats).

However, I never took advantage of the anonymity linked to the change of name to take revenge on the person who had caused my departure (except on the dog forum but I had a target and she ended up being banned and not me) or another person like you just did. It’s really dishonest and what I’m sure of is that if you answered him that, it’s because you’ve wanted to say it for a long time.

Me, I’m not like you so I’m not going to report to moderation like a kid, but if you want to stop intervening, I won’t miss it. You can stay on your parallel forum to criticize wamiz and its inhabitants, to drool if it pleases you as much as you want but if you intervene here to down people cowardly, you are not very welcome.

@docline was right in her first reaction to tell the postwoman that she is not responsible for anything, that it is only an accident of life and you on the other hand, you are rather harsh to answer her by telling her that ‘She is responsible for what happened because it was just an accident. The only person responsible for the story is the person who poisoned the cat because otherwise, every time a cat gets run over, it’s the fault of its owner who lets it out …

Sorry again for the off-topic.

It’s funny, phonetically wamiz, it’s an anagram of musty! Tcho the friend….💀. (It is also an anagram of wamzi as in éwic and wamzi!)


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