how to live daily with the disease?


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A. Chopin, F. Simoes, L. Michel -France 3

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The 19/20 from France 3 went to meet Didier. The 59-year-old man suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and explains his daily life.

Didier is still able to prepare his breakfast on his own. However, at 59, everything takes much longer than before. His gestures are hesitant and he sometimes forgets things. Project manager at the SNCF, he managed projects, hosted meetings, until the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s showed up and forced him to stop. “I realized that I was looking for my words and that I was making mistakes”explains Didier.

The fight against disease is crude. Three times a week, he gets on his bike to go to the speech therapist. He still masters the ten-minute journey from his home to the practitioner very well. One of its symptoms, aphasia, is a language disorder. Words and meanings gradually fade from his memory. It is for his relatives that he seeks to fight against the advance of the disease, and in particular his wife.

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