How to choose the place of vacation of your animal?

  • Cleanliness and infrastructure management

Before sending an animal to boarding, the best thing to do is to go there to check the condition of the premises and in particular the hygiene. In what condition are the dog and cat boxes, how often are they cleaned?

Some establishments have a policy of assembling the animals, of putting two per kennel for example. Do not hesitate to inquire for know on what criteria they assemble them.

If when you arrive at an establishment you are not asked the vaccination card of the animal, certification that it is in deworming order and that moreover, in the event of treatment, you are not guaranteed that the latter will be given on time ; it is very likely, according to the veterinarian, that this place is not the best for your companion.

  • The possibility of bringing food

Some establishments recommend their own diet and therefore give the same meal to all dogs and cats, which does not respect everyone’s needs.

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