How to behave in front of the patou, the herd protection dog

The patou protects his herd, he does his job when he appears in the presence of hikers who are for him intruders.

What behavior to adopt in the event of an encounter with a patou

The presence in the mountain pastures of guard dogs, the patous, must be taken into account when hiking: it is necessary to adapt your behavior in the event of an encounter with these dogs, which are essential for the protection of the herds.

The main instruction :
Bypass the herd as far as possible, as widely as possible

Behaviors to avoid :

– Do not be familiar with a guard dog: caresses or food disturb him in his work

– Certain attitudes that seem innocuous like shouting, stroking a lamb, taking a picture with a sheep. They can be interpreted as aggression by the guard dog

Consult the file “The actions to adopt in the face of the patou”


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