How the scorching summer revives the “climato-reassuring” spheres

But how to explain such a speech? How can this be justified when there is a real consensus among researchers that climate change is a fact and that it is attributable to human activity? The answer is quite short: because scientific reality no longer convinces. With the Covid-19, a flaw has proven. Individual testimony now weighs as heavily as expert discourse. This is how, faced with the force of scientific facts, some oppose their own story. To know that he has “always hot in summer”. To back it up, bogus maps, like the ones we checked (here and here), or articles that recount a heat wave in 1947 or 1987. All this while forgetting that the problem is not the heat in summer, but the intensity of the heat waves and the worrying increase in their number.

This blindness to scientific reality is in all respects similar to that observed during the various waves of Covid-19. Moreover, the “climato-reassuring” themselves make the link. “The heat wave is like the Covid-19, we are taken by boat”, writes a user, while another is ironic about the fears of the population. “Today people are afraid of the heat in the summer, of viruses in the winter.” Finally, some even think they know that there would be an agreement of the media to speak with one voice. “Bizarre: the word ‘wave’, popularized by the media during covid, is taken up to stir fear with heat.”


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