How Italy react to the choice of Paul Pogba

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“Paul Pogba prefers the Blues”. Here is comment The Team defines Paul Pogba’s decision not to have knee surgery following his meniscus injury during training on July 25. Until then, everything was going well for the French midfielder, who had long starred in his return to Juventus Turin. The Old Lady, for her part, relied on the Frenchman’s comeback to assert her ambitions.

Seeing Pogba’s injury, she knew the first season would be cut short. And therefore campaigned for an operation. Even if it means losing it for a few months, you might as well find it in great shape. Therefore, by applying “conservative therapy”, Paul Pogba did not accede to Juve’s wish but gave himself a chance for a faster return, obviously with the goal of the World Cup, which begins in November. next in Qatar.

The Italian press obviously took up the subject, first to discuss a first possible return date with Juventus. It takes 5 weeks of absence and the 29-year-old midfielder could claim a return to the field on September 11, when receiving Salernitana. He missed 5 league games and 1 Champions League. If he is considered a bit short, he could return after the international break in September, the last window for selections before the World Cup.

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The choice of Pogba is of course considered risky in Italy. The Gazzetta dello Sport recalls, however, for his part that his recent ankle operation, when he was playing at Manchester United, had marked him clearly. Pogba now prefers softer medicine, even if Juve doctors offer a 50% chance of full recovery. The media Sports Mediaset is a little more virulent about the choice of the Pickaxe. “He chose himself and France more than Juventus. Because the World Cup is not lost – and no player would want to forfeit – and because there is hope in his head, although not too much supported by the medical reports, that the problem can be solved without having to operate. »

Above all, the method chosen by Pogba, if it does not prove to be profitable, can make him lose everything – the World Cup, the season with Juve – and despite everything force him to have surgery. “The possibility that in fact Pogba could end up losing most of the season by operating late does not leave the Bianconeri too serene”can we read on Sports Mediaset. In the meantime, a meeting is scheduled for today in Turin to decide on the strategy to adopt on the transfer window following the choice of Pogba.

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