How does a dog GPS collar work?

During the last 5 years, GPS for dogs have undergone a great technological evolution. Device for locating your pet, regardless of its location, this device also allows you to follow its tracks, for tracking its favorite parts. This tracking system is perfect for dogs that like to go on adventures without the company of their owner, animals that can get lost easily, and of course, hunting dogs. If you leave your dog without leaving during your walks and trips, it is important that it is equipped with a GPS, to find it easily. Equipped with a tracker, as long as your pet has it on him, you are sure to always find him. For your dog’s safety, equipping a tracker collar is advisable. How does this tracking collar or GPS tracker work? The answers in the article.

Everything you need to know about GPS collars for dogs

To know the movements of your pet and carry out a tracking in case of emergency, it is essential to equip your dog with a tracker or GPS collar.

Different types of dog collars

Various models are available, you have the choice between:

  • The tracer coal miners : in the shape of a small box, it attaches to your dog’s collar. These collars are connected to your smartphone, tablet or computer to track your dog’s movements in real time. Tracking and locating your dog is done via an application to be installed on your phone. The collar emits a signal to determine your pet’s location;
  • The connected necklaces : models with more features than tracer collars, their use allows you to determine the number of steps your dog has taken in a day, its exact position at a specific time, the distance between you and your dog. The system also allows you to know the history of your dog’s movements;
  • the hunting dog gps : this system makes it possible to track hunting dogs, thanks to a receiver. Up to 20 animals can be tracked with the GPS tracker for hunting dogs.

To prevent the dog from losing his GPS collar, the different models are presented in the form of waterproof boxes which are placed on his collar.

Choosing a tracker or GPS collar for dogs

For your dog to be comfortable with the GPS collar, a few criteria must be considered. Although the use of the GPS collar is important, the model must be practical and not interfere with the animal in its activities. Take into consideration :

  • The weight of the device: the lightness of the collar with the GPS is essential to ensure the comfort of your dog. If you opt for a device that is a little heavy, it can disturb the animal in its games and activities;
  • Battery life: Battery power and battery life are very important. They ensure the proper functioning of the device;
  • The practical side: choose a device that is easy to install and handle. This saves you false manipulations in the various functions of the device;
  • Options offered: The functionality of a tracking device should be determined by the needs of the master. Indeed, it is necessary to know if you then follow in detail the activities of your dog, up to his calorie expenditure or that you simply want to locate him if necessary. Models from the simplest to the most sophisticated are available.

For the purchase of a GPS collar for your pets, it is necessary to count between 80 and 120 euros, the price varies according to the functionalities and according to your needs.

Principles of operation of tracer charcoal burners

Important point to note: network coverage. Before buying a location tracker, know the quality of the network in your area. Working as a car GPS, a tracker, no matter the model, a need for a good network. You can determine the signal quality of your network coverage with a smartphone.

All dog GPS devices require an app to be installed on your smartphone. The application acts as a virtual fence and emits a signal if the dog exceeds the limit previously set by its master. He can therefore indulge in his favorite activity without extending the virtual fence without your knowledge.

Depending on the model, some collars allow you to speak to your dog from a distance and/or listen to the noises around him. It is a good mode of communication to reassure the animal if it is in danger, injured or sick, or alone. Also, it is easy to train a dog with a GPS collar, a beep is heard when it does not obey, or exceeds the limits of the virtual fence.

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