how are the dogs of En Famille (M6) educated?

For ten years now, the blended family ofWith family gives viewers an appointment in the summer to follow their adventures. And the Le Kervelecs never go for a walk without their dog Pupuce, a mastiff who has changed faces with the seasons and who is particularly well dressed.

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Every summer for almost ten years, M6 viewers have been waiting for the return ofWith family. And this year, they had to be patient to discover this season 11 since the channel had chosen to highlight like kids, a new short series. But since Monday August 1, Yves Pignot, Marie Vincent, Olivier Mag, Jeanne Savary and all the others are back. Without forgetting, Pupucethe Kervelec mascot, the star family of the program.

Several dogs have taken on the role of Pupuce

It is impossible to talk about this large blended family which brings together three generations without mentioning Pupuce, the dog who brightens up their days on set. But unfortunately, the life expectancy of this mastiff is limited, which means that Pupuce has already shown several mouths on the air, that of Volnay, Burdy, Loukoum, then Pirate.The first died. They are very strong animals, a hundred kilos, but unfortunately do not live very longsays executive producer Jean-Luc Périchon in The Parisian about this race whose life span varies between six and twelve years. The production also pays very particular attention to the education of the animal. “Each time, the Pupuce of the moment is trained by Muriel Becanimal specialist on set“, he adds before specifying that the mastiff lives “in an animal reserve in Loiret.”

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What is Pupuce’s salary in With family ?

During the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, the newlyweds, Jean-Pierre Escourou (played by Olivier Mag) and Marjorie Le Kervelec (played by Jeanne Savary), made revelations about filming with a four-legged animal. And it must be said that Pupuce has every interest in being on the set. Indeed, in addition to being pampered all day, he has a higher salary than the actors. “I don’t even know if he knows he’s spinning. Corn he is well paid. More paid than us, I believe. 4000 euros the day the dog. It’s a detail, but it’s still important to us.“, we named the comedian.

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