Hong Kong bans eating at annual food show

Visitors to the annual Hong Kong World Food Expo will not be allowed to remove their face masks to sample food on display at the booths due to coronavirus restrictions, the organizer announced on Tuesday (August 2).

Tens of thousands of visitors and hundreds of exhibitors are expected at the five-day event that will kick off next Thursday at the city’s Convention and Exhibition Center. But there will be no tasting spaces and all attendees will be required to keep their masks on due to current public health restrictions, informed Sophia Chong, acting CEO of expo organizer Trade. Development Council. “We understand that visitors want to taste the samples“, did she say. “We can resume this arrangement after the pandemic, when it is safe and hygienic to do so“.

Zero Covid Policy

The move comes a day after another government ruling aimed at fans at the Hong Kong Sevens in November – one of the city’s most popular rugby events – that they will be allowed to drink but not eat in the stands , and will have to wear their mask between each sip. Sophia Chong assured not to worry about the impact of this measure on the exhibition, the ban on tasting having been applied last year as well. “The number of exhibitors at this year’s Food Expo even exceeded last year’s“, she underlined.

Hong Kong is enforcing China’s strict zero Covid policy, bogged down in a third year of isolation via strict border measures and social distancing. Gatherings of more than four people in public places are also prohibited. In recent weeks, the city has recorded between 3 and 4,000 cases per day.

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