Hokko Life – Wonderscope Games’ Animal Crossing-Like confirmed on Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch

Originally announced for PC, The Life Simulation Hokko’s life sign Team17 and Wonderscope Games has just confirmed its release on consoles, Nintendo Switch included. From now on expected September 27, 2022we let you discover its dedicated trailer below which will remind you of a certain animal crossing.

Hokko Life is a warm and creative community simulation game.

Take the train to the city of Hokko, and settle into your new home!

This silent village needs you to become a charming bucolic town appreciated by all. Using your hammer and a little paint, it’s up to you to create, build and decorate the houses of all your new friends!

Get creative!

Settle into the dusty old workshop, and let the artist in you speak!

Craft materials and combine them as you claim to create amazing new furniture and items for your town. Collect flowers, mix paints and use them to create wallpapers, floors and even clothes!

Are you going to create a collection of furniture with a very urban industrial style, or a set of floral wallpapers in bright colors? With the workshop at your complete disposal, you will be free to create a village that your inhabitants will be proud of.


  • MANUFACTURE : Go to the forest or the abandoned mine to saw, mine and dig for resources. Bring your finds back to town to craft materials that you can use for your own creations.
  • CREATE : Gather your materials and go to the workshop to give your personal touch to all the objects in the game. Use the creation table to make your own furniture, combining different shapes and materials using a simple editor but complete.
  • PAINT : Take out your aprons, draw your brushes, and make the colors vibrate. You can create wallpapers, floors, and even T-shirts for villagers and yourself. Spread your unique designs all over town!
  • BUILD : With the help of the city builder, we want to develop the city. Place the buildings where you want them, and get ready to welcome new villagers.
  • DECORATE : Customize the interior and exterior of each house, choose styles and place your furniture to create a home your new friends will love.
  • FISH : Spend a soothing morning at the various fishing spots of the world of Hokko, and fill your fish collection. The latter have unique habits: you will have to vary your approaches, because each fish will be a new challenge.
  • HUNT INSECTS : Many insects fly to the four coins of the world of Hokko, just waiting to be caught to enrich your collection. Keep your eyes peeled: who knows what find might be hiding in that bush!


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