Hit by a driver, this stray dog ​​returns with his pack to get revenge by ransacking his car

Cruelty to animals is one of the worst crimes we have caused. In some countries, cases of animal abuse are even worse because there are no laws to protect animals and ensure their welfare. Many stray dogs are victims of atrocities at the hands of certain humans.

Some dogs are notably caught by force and forced to fight other stray dogs. However, sometimes abused animals find a way to get revenge.

A well-deserved karma return for the driver

stray dog

In 2015, a man from Chongqing Province found a stray dog ​​sleeping in his favorite parking spot. The driver got angry and started to get out of his car and kick the dog away.

However, what he didn’t know was that this stray dog ​​had no intention of letting this mistreatment pass.

A little later, the stray dog ​​returned to the spot.

stray dog

But this time, he returned accompanied by several of his congeners. The dogs then retaliated for the mistreatment of the driver by chewing and gnawing on the body of his car. They even damaged the car’s windshield wipers.

The anomalous scene would probably have been overlooked if a neighbor, surprised to see dogs ransacking a car, hadn’t filmed the whole incident.

Of course, he showed the video to the car owner who was very confused about the damage to his car.

But he was probably even more unpleasantly surprised that the thugs were the dog he hit and other stray dogs.

Image credits: YouTube screenshots

This story is a great example of why we should always be kind to animals and never underestimate them. Like us, animals are intelligent beings, they feel emotions and know how to defend themselves when necessary.

One thing is certain, the man who hit the stray dog ​​will probably think twice before doing it again!

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