his masters were left speechless (video)

Polly is a very intelligent dog. When her owners heard noise downstairs, they checked the CCTV cameras and couldn’t believe their eyes. She was rearranging her room to make it more comfortable.

Yvonne Galop63 years old, and her husband David66 years old, are the happy masters of Pollya 7-year-old dog who makes them happy every day.

The family lives at Northamptona small town north of London Fr Englandand enjoy life transformed.

In the evening, Yvonne and David to sleep Polly in the living room. There are 2 comfortable baskets placed a few meters apart.

One night, the couple heard a commotion downstairs. Yvonne therefore viewed live video from their CCTV camera.

“I could see Polly sleeping on the 2 beds and I assumed that David had put them together before going to join me in the bedroom to sleep”an explanation Yvonne to Mirror.

But the next morning, watching the sequence further upstream, she discovered that the dog had managed entirely on her own to organize her room as well as possible.

“Extraordinary Intelligence”

You can see in the pictures Polly undertake a real reorganization. She jumps on one of his mattresses before dragging it to the other, across the room.

His ease in his movements is disconcerting.

The 2 beds finally perfectly assembled, the dog settles in comfortably to enjoy a good restful sleep.

“When I saw the webcam video the next day, I couldn’t believe she had done it herself. We already knew she was smart, but to me, that was undeniable proof. We are so proud of her”a delegate Yvonne to the angels.

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Since then, the masters of Polly make sure she has her full size dog bed every night.

She can sleep like a log and therefore enjoy busy days.


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