his friend attacked by a grizzly, a student throws himself on the animal

In mid-October, two American students emerged alive from a grizzly bear attack. One of the young men had thrown himself on the animal to make him let go of his friend.

The attack of a grizzly could have cost the lives of two American students, but they only emerged from this encounter with more or less serious injuries. The facts date back to Saturday October 15 and took place in the US state of Wyoming (west). The story, first reported by CNN and then by Le Parisien, begins when two friends were returning from a hunting trip.

Back from a hunting trip, two friends attacked by a grizzly bear in Wyoming

The two young men had arrived near their vehicle when one of them, Brady, spotted bear tracks around the car. As Brady was about to warn his friend Kendell, he heard a noise coming from a tree. Brady only had time to yell “Bear!” Ours!” before a grizzly attacked him and knocked him down a meter and a half.

He tries to distract the animal and succeeds in making him let go

“He started biting me pretty hard. He grabbed my left arm, he shook me and he broke my arm”. Kendell didn’t sit idle as he started throwing things at the plantigrade to distract him. Faced with the apparent failure of this attempt, the student threw himself on the grizzly. And to have managed to make him let go. Kendell was tackled in turn and manhandled, before the animal moved away. The grizzly then returned and bit Kendell on the head and cheek. His second departure was then final.

The days of the victims are not in danger

Brady left to seek help, secured from two friends the duo had spent the afternoon with. Local farmers called for help, and while the two students were hospitalized, their lives do not appear to be in danger. For Brady, the strong ties forged with his comrades allowed this great outcome: “We become best friends by going to hell and coming back with everyone. Seeing someone sweat and knowing… the coach teaches us that. You don’t leave a brother behind”.

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