Hilona Gos: Accused of neglecting her dogs, she responds and it’s violent!

By Marie Hervichon

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Hilona Gos has a temper. When we tackle her role with her dogs, the candidate sees red!

Sometimes, by asking advice from others, we expose ourselves to the fire of criticism. And that, Hilona Gos has understood. Especially since the candidate in this case presented himself about his pets. As we know, for some, this can be a sensitive subject. However, the young woman is unfortunately a regular haters. As a reality TV candidate, she receives, like her peers, a number of rather unpleasant messages to read. Moreover, on occasion, Corsica does not hesitate to put in their place certain Internet users who allow themselves to go too far. Recently, she posted a message received from a surfer who described her outfit from the day before as ideal for “going on the sidewalk”. The candidate replied: “And hello everyone. I love reading your DMs when I wake up. Today, I’m in a good mood, I think. Very angry, very revolted, do not overheat me the haters ”.

We don’t touch Hilona’s dogs!

However, it’s not her looks that we’ve tackled this time around, but her role as a dog owner. In his Instagram story of this Thursday, October 5, the ex of Julien Bert posted the message sent by a user who considers him unable to take care of his animals.

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To the latter, the young woman replied: “The big frustrated people are out. Listen to me you, oh poor bell, my dogs, there is no happier. Ted, I’ve taken him out a few times as a baby, but he’s scared so I didn’t want to smack him. And there, since the advice of kind people, I start to do it again. […] But I really don’t have to justify myself to you. If you’re not happy, get out of my networks. Me, I live my life and if it doesn’t suit you, I don’t give a fuck! With all my love you bitch.

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