Here’s why the robin doesn’t come to the feeder anymore

The robin is a cute bird that is distinguished by its orange belly and its small size. This species, able to resist the winter cold, often finds its happiness in our gardens, especially when they are well landscaped and when they find food there. Only now, you have recently observed a less pronounced attraction for the feeder which, however, is filled with food. We explain this phenomenon to you.

Why does the robin no longer come to the feeder?

Several reasons can explain the fact that a robin does not come to the feeder anymore :

  • She is not well cleaned : A dirty and poorly maintained feeder does not attract birds. Worse, it even favored the transmission of diseases.
  • She is not well Finished : a feeder must be spacious and practical so that the robins can be comfortable.
  • She is not not well filled : pay attention to type of food what you put there. Robins love seeds, provided they are shelled. To attract robins to the feeder, give preference to insects !

Which feeder should you choose to collect robins?

the feeder choice will also have a impact on the arrival of the robins. Prefer a good tray feeder, which you attach to a pole. This will ensure a comfortable and away from predators.

How to pull the robin into the feeder?

As we said above, the feeder must be own, cleaned regularly, and well maintained to be able to welcoming robins, but also other birds. Install them sheltered from prevailing winds and some rain, to prevent the food from soaking up water. Avoid placing the feeder at floor, within easy reach of predators. The same is true for robin nesting boxes!

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