Here’s why the price of toilet paper keeps rising

Are we going to witness a new shortage of toilet paper? In the spring of 2020, when the first confinement was decreed following the appearance of Covid-19, the French rushed to the store to stock up or for fear of running out. Also last March, the economic recovery had left the specter of a new shortage in the sector because of problems of containers and transport cargoes. Paper pulp producers were very affected, or it is an essential element for its manufacture. With teleworking, everyone also feared a vast shortage due to the demand and the low supply offered.

Eventually, exports resumed, but according to, not all problems have been solved. Because this paper pulp, precisely, saw its prices jump in one year: + 50%, according to the general delegate of the French Union of cardboard, paper and cellulose industries (Copacel), Paul-Antoine Lacour, questioned by 60 million consumers. Whether it is the health crisis, and since the beginning of the year, the war in Ukraine, the wood fibers necessary for its manufacture are lacking. In addition, the price of containers is also increasing. All land freight moving between Asia and Europe has been shifted to seas, so prices are rising.

All affected products

There is another explanation, let us add our colleagues: manufacturers use chemicals in which they cook wood bark chips. Obviously, these have also increased, on average by 30%. As a result, as reported by 60 million consumers, toilet paper has increased by 7% in one year (it’s a little less than paper towels, which have jumped by 10%). Above all, the consumer association is alarmed, because only a regression could lower prices and there would be a real risk of a shortage in the event of an embargo on Russian gas.

Still according to Paul-Antoine Lacour, “energy represents 30% of the product” and “evolution depends on that of gas”. Suddenly, without sufficient energy, “the factories should then stop producing”, warns the general delegate of Copacel. Not to mention that paper pulp is also used to make other things like cardboard packaging. In one year, the average basket of a French person has increased by 5.63% highlights 60 million consumers and “the price increase affects all product categories” from now on. Spared until then, soaps, toothpastes, detergents or even cosmetics are also affected.

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