Here is the animal that you ABSOLUTELY have to welcome in your vegetable garden to increase the harvest!

To have as many vegetables as possible in the vegetable garden, it is necessary to nourish and enrich the soil well. And to do this, nothing like fertilizer. Certain types of fertilizer can boost the harvest, but also fight against parasites and pests. This is indeed the case of guano, which is none other than the excrement of… bat.

Increase the harvest of the vegetable garden: the animal to welcome

Many are the animals who are from true helpers in the vegetable garden. Indeed, the hedgehog, the toad, the frog or even the ladybugs allows to protect the garden from pests while participating in the biodiversity. But there is also an animal that you never think of: the bat. This volatile, often unloved, take care not only of eating the nocturnal insects and pestsbut also of boost production in the vegetable garden.

Increase the harvest of the vegetable garden: bat manure

But comment on it bat does it increase the yields of the vegetable garden? Quite simply thanks to its excrement: the guano. The latter is the ideal fertilizer for fertilize the soil organically, without using chemicals. So, if you find a bat in your garden, do not get rid of its droppings which can be…Read more about Mon Jardin & ma maison

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