Here are the 17 funniest animal pictures of 2022

The winners of the 2022 edition of the “Comedy Pet Photo Awards” were unveiled on Thursday. This international competition rewards the most hilarious photos of pets every year.

Based on the love of pets and humor, this competition was created in 2020 by two British photographers, Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam.

This photographic competition aims to highlight the positive and vital role that pets play in our lives. It also aims to raise awareness of animal welfare and raise funds for several UK animal welfare charities.

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Here is the set of winning photos from the “Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2022”. Note that the winner of the Video category is “Dive Bombed” by the British Sarah Fiona Helme.

big winner all categories


The big winner of the contest is the Japanese Kenichi Morinaga with his photo entitled “Boom Boom”. The Japanese photographer was awarded first prize in all categories thanks to his unusual shot of two cats sitting on a fence, their heads “embedded” into each other like after a frontal collision in a cartoon. This funny photo also won the award in the Cat category.

dog category winner


“Nilo’s Love Water”. A photo of his dog allowed the Spaniard José Bayon to be crowned in this category of the competition. “Nilo is a puppy adopted when he was around 10 months old. He was hit by a car and was barely saved. Now recovered, he has just discovered water for the first time. His antics and pirouettes testify to his passion for water. Love at first sight. “, explained José Bayon.

People’s Choice Winner


Awarded for the first time in the competition, the public prize was awarded to Marko Jovanovic. The American photographer immortalized his dog Carter discovering for the first time in his life the joys of snow by making links in the powder. “Carter was to be euthanized in California. Chicago, we went to save him and brought him home where he was able to discover the snow with pleasure”, he declared.

junior category winner


Only 9 years old, Briton Freya Sharpe was crowned in the Junior category. She immortalized her kitten Jack stuck in the thick foliage of one of the hedges that surround her house.

winner category other animals


The victory in this flagship category of the competition went to German photographer Stefan Brusius with “Smokin’ Alpaca”, an alpaca pretending to smoke a cigarillo.

favorite pet team comedy category winner


Contest organizers awarded their prize to Mehmet Aslan’s “Chauffeur Dog,” a photo of a dog sitting in a car in the driver’s seat, one paw carelessly out. “It’s a scene I saw when I stopped at a red light. At first I really thought it was the dog driving,” said the Turkish photographer.

winner category animal resembling his master


Entitled “Dave and Dudley”, the photo of a dog and its owner taken by Judy Nussenblatt won this award. This is David, a friend of the American photographer and his dog Dudley. “During the early days of Covid, David and I enjoyed a beautiful day and we were taking pictures. Dudley was so excited that when we got back he threw his front paws around David’s shoulders and I took this picture. They both look like they need a good haircut, but it was the Covid… so who cares…”, explained Judy Nussenblatt.

category winner


The Czech Radim Filipek was awarded for “Happy horses”, a photo which represents the maternal happiness of crossing a mare accompanied by her only 3-day-old foal.

winners congratulated and distinguished by the jury

Finalists, the following 8 photos were not winners of the competition, but they were all highly recommended by the jury which distinguished them by sending them its congratulations.


“Too Desperate” by Japanese Kazutoshi Ono. “This is my adorable cat, who was rescued from my cat care centre. This door just leads to a hallway but sometimes she throws herself and hangs on the door desperately to try to get out,” said the Japanese photographer at the Comedy Pet Photo Awards.


Revenge of the Tennis Ball by Brit Christopher Johnson. “Here is Star playing in the snow and getting caught by a passing tennis ball,” he said.


“Pure-Petty Pleeease!” by Sarah Fiona Helme. “Rosie was helping me in the greenhouse and had decided, in her most theatrical way (perched on the wheelbarrow she was standing on), to persuade me to give her one of her favorite treats – which I did! “, confirmed the Briton, winner of the competition in the Video category thanks to a film directed by this same Rosie watching an animal program on television.


“Mine, not yours!” by the British Lucy Sellors-Duval. “Benji was determined to be the one to get all the delicious treats in his photo shoot, even if it meant walking past his older brother Doug,” she said.


“Now, how do I upload my photos? by Kenichi Morinaga, winner of the competition and winner of the Cat category. The caption that accompanies this photo reads: “I have a smart phone, so I want to upload my photos for my SNS. But I don’t know how to use it. Please can someone tell me how to use it”.


“Werewolf 2.0” by German Karl Goldhamer. “Even a werewolf sometimes needs to relax…”, he said in the caption.


“Grandmistress Candy” by Briton Jonathan Casey. In caption, the photographer indicated: “My tabby cat Candy is classified East Anglia #1”.


“OMG what is that” by Briton Beth Noble. “CK shows his surprised face,” said the photographer in the caption.

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