Here are 3 unusual observations about the male giraffe

The giraffe, an emblematic mammal with a long neck, is on average 4 meters high and can travel 15 to 55 km/h. Its name comes from the Arabic word zarāfah meaning charming. Endearing and surprising at the same time, this giant of the African savannah never ceases to captivate both children and adults. Here are 3 awesome facts about the spotted male giraffe.

The male giraffe uses his tongue to tell if the female is ovulating

Each living being has its mysterious side and the giraffe is no exception to the rule, particularly the male. The latter a curious way to determine whether a female giraffe is favorable for mating or not. His technique is based on urine and sometimes on violence, a practice that can create a scandal if men are free to apply it.

Concretely, the male examines the rump and the genitals of the female. If she appreciates this gesture, she produces described urine that the male giraffe sniffs and tastes in order to know if she is in estrus. Otherwise, he butts the female’s bladder until she urinates.

The male giraffe sometimes adopts homosexual behavior

“Giraffes are bisexual. In some groups, 90% of the observed acts are of a homosexual nature,” says biologist Günter Strauss from Munich Zoo. The sexuality of animals translated into a theme full of mysteries, and sometimes a little taboo. However, the homosexual couple is observed in nature in different species, such as penguins, penguins and giraffes.

The coat of the male giraffe darkens with age

Undeniably, the patterns drawn on the coat of giraffes turn brown, but they turn black in the older male. Therefore, it is possible to define an age determined by observing its pigmentation. In a 9-year-old male giraffe, the spots appear much darker. Moreover, the reason for this color change still remains a mystery to scientists.

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