Herding dog competition from September 23 to 25

Sévérac: Herding dog competition from September 23 to 25

ANIMATION After a very successful first edition, the local team of Sévérac d’Aveyron, supported by the association of herding dog users of Aveyron (ACT 12) invites all herding dog enthusiasts to a full weekend of competitions, entertainment and good humor.

Thus, from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 September, in Villeplaine, in the shadow of the Château de Sévérac, herding dogs will be in the spotlight. “The 2021 edition was very successful, even beyond our expectations! It is for this reason that we are renewing the event”, smiles Stéphane Maymard, member of the organizing team. Many have also taken to the game and registered for the first time this year, with their dog for the competition. Competitors will come from all over France to put their duo to the test, on three levels of competition including the III qualifier for the 2023 French championship. The events will start on Friday afternoon, at 1:30 p.m., with level I. Eleven dog-master duos (including 5 from Aveyron) starting in the middle of the competition will follow one another on the field. Including the local of the stage, Romain Chaliez, also organizer, who had participated in the friendly competition of the 2021 edition.

The next day, from 8 a.m., 18 competitors, including 11 from Aveyron, will take part in the level II competition. And on Sunday, 16 competitors including 4 from Aveyron will try to gain valuable points to qualify for the next French championship. Spectators will have the chance to see some competition headliners evaluated on the course, such as Denis Malbouyres, breeder at Flavin, former French champion and vice-champion of France 2022… The competition judge will be the same as last year , namely Jean Marguet from Moselle.

Entertainment to liven up the weekend

In addition to the competition, which obviously remains the key element of these 3 days, the organizers have also thought about welcoming visitors. “The catering will be partly provided by Sylvain Aulas on Friday evening and Saturday lunchtime, also a dog lover and who will participate in the friendly competition”, confides Stéphane Maymard. Like last year, the formula which had been so successful will be renewed, namely a meal based on local products. And the Sévéragais volunteers will provide the meals on Saturday evening and the sausage aligot on Sunday lunch, which provided more than 250 people last year. “We had a very good turnout throughout the weekend and our volunteers were very satisfied”, adds Bertrand Martin, member of the organizing committee. A great emulation that gave new ideas for this year. Thus, the entertainment program has been expanded thanks to the involvement of new volunteers from local associations. “We were a few inhabitants of Villeplaine who wanted to join the party”, confirms Cécile Imbert. “And since the organizers were looking for new activities, we found ourselves well! she smiles. Thus, thanks to the Sévéragaise rural equestrian association, horseback riding will be offered to visitors, on the competition site, on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Several marked loops of 13 to 25 km will be open. And equestrian games of the “leisure horse” type will be demonstrated on Sunday afternoon, as well as examples of work with horses (harrowing, etc.).
On Saturday and Sunday, a space will also be dedicated to showcasing traditional know-how with local designers and craftsmen. A mini-farm brings together sheep of different breeds and other animals representative of the Aveyron farm.

ACT 12 will complete the entertainment with demonstrations of herding dogs on geese. “We are very happy with this participation of local associations. Our competition is intended to be a real local festival, almost a village festival,” confides Stéphane Maymard, who also appreciates the support of the departmental association of herding dog users. “We are a good team united around this event locally, everyone is involved regardless of age! “, he adds. And the success of their first experience last year reassured them: “The sponsors and partners were still numerous to support us for this new edition. Everyone pitched in to contact them again and all of this encourages us,” summarizes Bertrand Martin, who also thanks the town hall of Sévérac d’Aveyron for its support. “They allow us to organize this event. Just like UNICOR who makes the sheep available to us, as well as Mr. Valentin, who makes his land available where there is a sheepfold, very convenient for the logistics of the herd!”, conclude the organizers. See you from 23 to September 25 in Villeplaine, free entry, catering on site.Possibility to book meals on 06 74 67 35 81 or 06 98 05 66 66.

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