Haute-Garonne: “Since I have lived here, I have never seen an animal of this type”, testifies Jacques

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Earlier this week, Jacques, a resident of Ramonville discovered this imposing reptile in his sink. He had never seen an animal of this type in his home.

For many years Jacques and his wife have lived in their house located not far from Ramonville, a few kilometers from downtown Toulouse. But since their move into this building, he had never had such a fright. At the beginning of the week, the shrill cry of Jacques’ wife held back in the middle of the evening. That piercing sound made his blood run cold. “My wife was watching television and she wanted to eliminate things in the kitchen sink, it was dark,” says, still stirred, Jacques. When leaving the dishes in the sink, his wife screams. “I rushed into the kitchen to see what was going on, I admit that I did not expect that”, continues this resident of Ramonville. His wife, paralyzed, shows him what she found at the bottom of the sink. “Looking at it, I really wondered what it was, I had never seen that”, slips this man. Jacques tries to recover the creature to release it outside. He even goes so far as to drink a mop of water to try to scare away this huge “lizard”.

Unfortunately, the delicate operation ended in the death of what he thinks is a margouillat. The Reunionese know full well what it is. Here in the metropolis, this same animal is called a gecko. In the south of France, it is not uncommon to come across them on the plasterwork of houses or behind the shutters. “To be sure, I photographed it and sent it to friends living in Reunion, they confirmed to me that it was a margouillat”, confides, convinced, this Toulousain.

In order to verify the true identity of the find, we sent the photograph of this large lizard measuring about ten centimeters to Christophe Feix, veterinarian at the private clinic of New Pets (Nac) in Toulouse. He confirms that it is not a margouillat but a relative of Tarentum of Mauretania. A species has been present in the south of France for several years and which, with global warming, has taken up residence in Haute-Garonne.

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