Hare: the federation of northern hunters collects 1000 pairs of eyes

As part of the Approved Hunting Management Plan (PGCA) for the brown hare and in order to better understand the population dynamics of this species, the Departmental Federation of Northern Hunters is launching a survey to determine the age-ratio of hares collected during the next hunting season.

“We are going to collect 1,000 pairs of living eyes, spread over the entire department, in order to analyze the lenses to determine the dates of birth of the animals. Your development agent may contact you in the next few days and give you a number of vials containing a preservative liquid. »

The manipulation is simple, it will be necessary to take the 2 eyes of the hare, put them in the bottle and indicate on this container the date of the sample.

Your development agent will come and collect the bottle(s) at the end of the hare hunting season. We are counting on all our northern readers for this major study! If you are required to participate in this follow-up, contact your development officer.

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