Grounded Weevil: How to make it your pet?

In Grounded’s Garden, the Weevil is the ultimate victim, both to the player and to other insects. Unable to flee quickly, or even attack, he may simply die. It’s a bit sad, since he’s vaguely cute, in his own way. You can consider it a useful resource, often available at your fingertips.

Where to find weevils?

This species is mainly present in the lower lawn of the garden. It can sometimes be crossed elsewhere, but it is more rare. It is totally absent from the most hostile or grassless biomes. When weevils are present, you know it immediately, at least if you play with the sound, since they emit characteristic whining sniffles. You can mostly find weevils near mushrooms, which is an opportunity to stock up on food.

Usefulness of Weevils

We are not going to detail a combat strategy against this insect, since even your small fists are more than enough to kill them in a few blows. The primary use of weevils is to serve as an easily accessible food source. However, you have to build a spit, in order to cook their meat at a time, otherwise you will get sick.

But we will especially remember the fact that the weevil is used in the manufacture of the first shield of the game. Its durability leaves something to be desired, but it is functional, and above all, it is very easy to repair. Just use raw weevil meat for this. In other words, you only have to kill a passing weevil to repair your shield. The ones you use next won’t give you that luxury.


Domesticate a weevil

Like other harmless insects, the weevil can become your faithful adventure companion. To do this, you must build a Crusher in your base, then create Mushroom slurry. All that remains is to find a weevil, and lay the slurry nearby. He will eat from the bowl and then befriend you. It is then possible to cuddle him, and to use him as a mule with 10 places in the inventory. It will also give you a passive thirst resistance bonus.


The problem is that your pet will also attract the attention of many insects, including ants, which will attack it on sight. You will have to save his life permanently. It is therefore wiser to leave it locked in your base, behind solid walls. Thereafter, you can forge him a small armor, and build him a house in which to take refuge, in order to improve his survival, but it is still better to leave him in the shelter. If he is killed, he leaves a small tombstone.

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