Good or bad idea ?

Using a crate for your dog is a hot topic these days. Some are big fans of it, while others are totally against it and don’t want to hear about it. We are going to clear up this subject so that the cage is a less sensitive subject.

Why use a crate?

The cage is a bad image at present because of the aspect that can be likened to a “prison” in our eyes as humans.

This negative aspect is however only by our own interpretation, because this one can be completely perceived in a positive way by the dog, if the training was correctly carried out. Some dogs will even really like this “isolated and protected” aspect and the cage can therefore serve as their refuge. They might then love spending time there regularly.

Nevertheless, you should know that a dog, whatever its problem, should not spend more than 4 hours maximum locked in a cage.

The dog should therefore not spend his days locked up and the cage should not be an easy solution either, if we do not have time to take him out or to prevent him from destroying the apartment.

It can actually be a transition and troubleshooting tool while you find a solution, but only for a short time.

There are also different types of cage: style cages VariKennel which are relatively closed on the aesthetic side, or those with bars for the car for example.

What are the advantages ?

The cage can have many advantagesif used correctly.

It can therefore be used for different reasons:

  • The learning of cleanliness. The dog may learn to hold back if his space is restricted. Be careful, however, not to forget to work on toilet training in parallel, because it is a long and time-consuming job depending on the individual.
  • Immobilize a dog during recovery. If your dog had an accident for x reasons and needs to stay calm and rest, the crate can be a good option to keep him safe while he gets better. A dog can also end up being in a cage for a few hours during an intervention at the veterinarian.
  • Think about safety automotive. Your dog may also be caged during transport in your vehicle (or have a seat belt).
  • It can be used as a basket in your homeif your dog feels totally good in it.

In order to choose the right size of the crate, your dog must be able to turn around in it and stand up in it without any problem.

To conclude, the cage is a tool like any other if it has been learned correctly, just like a collar or a harness. The dog will not necessarily experience it badly.

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Any tool can be associated with something enjoyable for your dog, if you teach him things in a progressive and positive way!

This guide was written by the Nature De Chien team, a training center for the profession of dog behaviorist educator, specialist in canine education and behavior (

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