Go on vacation without your pet by following these ideas

Pets can be a real headache for vacationers. Indeed, when a person cannot take care of them during the absence of the owners, it is formally inadvisable to leave them alone at home. Fortunately, there are solutions that allow you to leave with peace of mind without having to take them with you. Here is some information that should be useful on this subject.

Exploring his knowledge

Often, pet owners have two or three specific people in mind when they need to entrust their pets. In case of non-availability, it is necessary to widen its scope of research.

A cat, for example, is able to be left alone for a weekend or an entire week provided that it is visited regularly for water and food. A dog will not have this same ability. So, really ask as many trusted loved ones as possible.

Opt for animal boarding

Animals are also entitled to their hotels or, more precisely, to pensions. These are specialized establishments whose main objective is to serve as a base for animals whose owners wish or are obliged to be absent. Average prices are normally 11 to 25 € depending on the formula and the standing of the brand.. In addition, this often includes a box, food, outings or various activities. You don’t need a fancy place to make your mate happy.

Turn to a host family

In addition to relatives or family, it is also possible to turn to certain individuals who offer their assistance or service without remuneration. These are households that have actually decided to become foster homes for pets, for temporary stays. The prices are extremely attractive, starting from 5 to 25 €. To take advantage of this, it is advisable to join special associations of people who love animals (membership fees and contributions to be expected).

Tips for choosing the right support

Be careful, even if the owners are eager to go on vacation, it is important not to neglect the fate of their animals by spreading them anywhere. Verifications must then be made as to the reliability of the place of reception.

Apart from that, you have to make sure that your companion has received all the necessary vaccines and the appropriate flea treatment. Some centers or kennels also accept recovery to bring the animal home.

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