Giuseppa Ciurleo: Accused of having dogs just for fashion, she reacts violently!

By Camille Mutin

– Published on Oct 23, 2022, 7:15 PM

Giuseppa is furious! Internet users accuse him of having adopted his dogs just to give himself a style! She sees red and reacts cash.

©Instagram @giuseppacrl

Lately, Giuseppa hasn’t been too active on social media. The young woman is coming out of a difficult period and struggling to concentrate on the virtual. The darling of Paga, aware of the situation, gave explanations to her fans: “ Right now, I grant you, my content is rotten (…) To make it short, we’ve had a lot of changes in our lives lately. Which led us to reconnect to reality, to our family, our friends, while disconnecting from social networks (…) I admit there were days when I did not touch my phone for 24 hours, and that do crazy good » . Nothing better to regain morale! But hardly returned to social networks that Giuseppa must face new insults and accusations. She reacts cash.

Giuseppa, “Frankly fed up! »

On Instagram, Giuseppa speaks: “ I’ve seen a little of the comments on reality that I posted with Brioche, Biscotte and Cracotte… And I see that there are always plenty of people who give lessons. In fact at some point, we can live? I actually don’t understand. Can we do what we want? Without people judging us down to the smallest detail (…) We talk about ‘Yes, you have to stop having your animals for fashion, your dogs to follow the trend…’, so no, not at all . We’ve never bought dogs to follow a trend, it’s not a pair of shoes or a bag (…) I’ve always worked hard for animal welfare » . The candidate is furious, and does not stop there…

©Instagram @giuseppacrl

In his story, Giuseppa continues: “ Frankly pissed off! It’s not because we are covered in the media that we have the right to let ourselves be taken by waves of hatred in the mouth for everything and nothing! And this subject is one of them! (…) Give lessons kindly to pull up rather! Not to destroy or harm deployed because our figure is not yours! » . Ouch! And you what do you think ?

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