Gironde: more than 300 people evacuated, 100 hectares burned… new fire near Arcachon

Despite lower temperatures, the Gironde continues to be hit by fires. A new fire destroyed, this Sunday, at least 100 ha of forests, in the town of Arès, north of Arcachon. At 6 p.m., the fire was contained by the firefighters, the sub-prefect reported to France Bleu.

This new fire – of which many impressive photos have been published on social networks – forced the evacuation of 310 people, including 60 residents of a campsite located near the flames. Some images show a relative proximity of the fire to dwellings.

As is now the rule, significant air resources were deployed from the start of the alert. According to France Bleu, the firefighters on the ground were thus supported, this Sunday, at the end of the afternoon, by two helicopters – including a water bomber – a Dash plane and two Canadairs. These means should be reinforced with other devices. “For us, it is a question of attacking the incipient fires hard by falling on them as soon as possible to avoid the spread”, explained a manager of the Gironde firefighters on the radio.

The fear of the wind

Although the fire is contained, we are not without fear. “What is described is the wind which turns, explained the mayor to France Bleu. We saw it on all the fires we experienced in Gironde. On a changing vent. Earlier he left for Lège, he came back to Ares. We just have to hope that the wind drops. »

In Saumos, still in Gironde, affected by a gigantic fire which ravaged 3,400 ha, the inhabitants had returned to their homes on Friday, once the fire was declared “fixed” the day before, after four days of fighting against the flames.

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