Gindu. Lol, the service dog took a rest

Annie and Bernard Landes residing in the hamlet of Maussac (commune of Gindou), received one of their friends a few days ago: Christelle Martinez who is one of the professional firefighters of the Cahors barracks. We met the latter who introduced us to her dog Lol, a beautiful 7-year-old Labrador. He is primarily a legal aid dog. He was educated for his work by Handi-dogs in the Lot department. It is the first judicial assistance dog in Europe. He is there to help victims in the context of hearings at the gendarmerie, the police station and the courts.

A book has been attributed to him, written by the public prosecutor Frédéric Almendros, who worked until recently at the Cahors court: “Me, Lol, labrador and first legal assistance dog-The Therapist Dog”.

Lol took advantage of a few well-deserved rest days in Gindou.

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