Generali presents its new insurance “My Generali animal”

Dentsu Xdentsu group brand experience media agency, and toothy creativenetwork of creation of the group, orchestrates the last speech of Generali. They deploy with it, a large-scale media device around its offer “My Animal Generali”his new insurance recommended by the SPA.

A multi-media device

Through this partnership, Generali expresses its support for the animal cause. It finances the essential needs of a dog or a cat. And this, from his arrival at the SPA refuge until his adoption for any subscription of a contract “My Animal Generali”.

The national campaign to announce it began this summer. A choice that is not trivial, since it is the period during which adoption is down due to the summer holidays. Thus, the campaign is carried on Veepee, through a tailor-made device. This makes it possible to put the spotlight on the offer, the platform registering millions of visitors every day.

Photo credit: Generali / SPA

Since August 31, and until October 5, 2022, a multi-media system has been set up through various levers. As part of an online video campaign in collaboration with Goodeed, the solidarity alternative to advertising, the solidarity between Generali and the SPA is growing. By viewing the Generali videoInternet users will give them SPA support. They finance the food of hundreds of dogs and cats for a year. TV sponsorship is also being set up on France TV. This around prime time shows on Wednesday night and Saturday night.

A press component in addition to this system

UN press section completes this system, along with the Bayard Group. This is to reach both children and parents in joint reading (on titles such as popi, Picoti and Small apple). But also the grandparents (on the media Our time and The cross). In fact, the family is a privileged target of Generali. The latter is also overrepresented among pet owners.

Caroline De Abreu, Client Director at dentsu X, adds: “We are delighted to have been able to support Generali on such issues, which support the brand’s commitment to the animal cause. This campaign aims to work on the Generali image and promote brand preference through various partnerships. We therefore bet on a coherent approach in the message and media strategy (with a partnership with the SPA and Goodeed) and a powerful TV device deployed on the France TV channels. »

Photo credit: Generali / SPA

This campaign reinforces the vision of dentsu X which focuses on the experience and the right response to consumer expectations. The agency perfectly embodies the desire of the dentsu group to establish itself as the head of post-advertising communications.

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