General knowledge quiz: do you know the name of these animal sounds?

Imagine that you are walking in a forest near your home. You don’t hear the chirping of birds or the buzzing of insects, let alone those strange cries of foxes. There is no more noise, only the crunch of your footsteps on the dead leaves and, in the distance, a car horn. The sons of nature have faded away.

This scenario is extreme. However, the disappearance of the animal symphony has already begun: in fifty years, more than half of the sounds of the living have disappeared. It is therefore more than ever necessary to lend an ear and to be attentive to the world around us in order to better understand and protect it. It is with this observation that the Musicanimale exhibition begins, which is being held from September 20, 2022 to January 29, 2023 at the Philharmonie de Paris.

“The Philharmonie’s first real commitment to biodiversity” according to Marie-Pauline Martin, director of the Museum of Music, this “great sound bestiary” We invite you to listen to the sound heritage of nature, which is increasingly threatened, and to explore their influence on humans.

⋙ For the bioacoustician Gordon Hempton “the silence is on the way to extinction”

How did humans try to reproduce the cries of animals in music? How were they inspired by the sounds of life and used them to create? Musicanimale strives to answer these questions through nearly 200 musical and artistic works, everyday objects or natural specimens, sometimes immersive and interactive.

“All musicians are animals, even Mozart and Joey Starr, since they come from primates”smiles Jérôme Sueur, eco-acoustician and collection manager for the sound library of the Natural History Museum who participated in the design of the exhibition. “But are all animals musicians?” It is up to the visitor to make up his own mind. But one thing is certain for Marie-Pauline Martin: “We must learn to preserve biodiversity before the music stops.”

Test your knowledge of the names of animal sounds with our general knowledge quiz

Organized in the form of a giant primer (C for whale song, M for mewing or even Z for zoomorph), Musicanimale lingers on the V of “Verbs and verbiage”. Because animals all have different cries and, as a result, the French language has many varied verbs for qualifiers. Did you know that if the cat meows and the dog barks, the crocodile wails and the trumpeter swan?

⋙ Scientists have succeeded in translating a spider’s web into music

If, like the Norwegian duo Ylvis in their song Foxyou have always wondered how to qualify the cry of the fox, this general knowledge quiz on the name of the cries of animals is made for you.

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