Garibian validates Todibo’s red against Angers but regrets Locko’s against Monaco

In an interview with The L’Équipe channel, Pascal Garibian, the boss of the French referees, returned on Monday to two exclusions which caused a lot of talk the day before in Ligue 1: that of Jean-Clair Todibo during Nice-Angers and that of Bradley Locko during Reims-Monaco.

Two radical decisions, which changed the fate of the match and fueled many debates on Sunday in Ligue 1. During Nice-Monaco, Bastien Dechepy did not hesitate to exclude Jean-Clair Todibo after 5 seconds at the Allianz Riviera. A first in the history of the French championship. The Gym defender received a red card for a foul on Abdallah Sima, who was heading towards the opposing area. A severe sanction that many Nice have experienced as an injustice. Especially since the SCO took the opportunity to win on the Côte d’Azur, relying on its numerical superiority (0-1).

Asked about this on The L’Équipe channel, Pascal Garibian supported Bastien Depechy’s decision on Monday. “Mr. Todibo was sent off for destroying goal action, explained the boss of the French referees. Technically, for us, there is nothing wrong with this decision. Arbitration begins from the kick-off From the moment when, at the time of the fault, the referee considers that the faulty player had annihilated a goal-scoring opportunity, the only disciplinary sanction he can take is to exclude the faulty player, considering that M . Sima had made the difference and opened his way to the goal.”

Garibian would not have excluded Locko

On the other hand, Garibian is less understanding for the other controversial exclusion of the weekend. During Reims-Monaco, Bradley Locko was sent back to the locker room in the 22nd minute by Marc Bollengier, for accidentally crushing the foot of Breel Embolo. “Mr. Locko releasing a ball and ending his gesture in the calf of the Monegasque player, for us, the exclusion is too severe. We prefer that this red card is not shown”, admitted the leader of the referees. Leaded by this red card, the Rémois suffered the law of the Monegasques, before losing heavily to Auguste-Delaune (0-3).

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