Galtier settles accounts and restores certain truths… but gets rejected for his diploma!

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This Saturday evening, PSG begins its Ligue 1 campaign with a trip to Clermont. To mark the occasion, Christophe Galtier gave a long interview to the Parisian in which he talks about his choice to join the club of the capital, him the Marseillais, but also on the skepticism that surrounded his appointment, because his experience of the Champions League is weak. He took the opportunity to put a few tackles…

“I understand the skepticism of each other”

“Skepticism? It’s an incredible motivator. I don’t put up with it, I lean on it — and which I find both rude and sometimes very disrespectful. But it doesn’t trigger resentment, it’s a source of motivation. I understand people’s skepticism when my name came up: I don’t have an international background, I’m from Marseilles… But damn, I’m so happy to be here! There’s skepticism about my management of egos and star players, but where everyone really has doubts about me is about the Champions League. I respect those doubts. But there, there is an incredible team. I don’t try to take the pressure off me, but the Champions League is such an irrational competition. You have to have the ambition to win it. But eight or ten teams say the same thing. I don’t expect it either with neither impatiently nor greedily, but I expect to be able to express myself with a group with extraordinary potential.”

“The obligations that I would have imposed? I’m going to come back to this because everything I hear annoys me a little! Me, at the level of the group, I only speak in French. That doesn’t prevent him from being able to I sometimes ask my staff to translate certain things to avoid misunderstandings. But there is no obligation to speak French in the locker room. There are Argentinians, Portuguese, Spaniards… Why would they speak to each other in French? I’ve worked abroad. When I meet a French-speaking person, I speak French to him. These obligations are pure fantasy! I’ve also heard that I forbid telephones at the table. C I’m just asking them to mute the ringtones and not answer the table. But I’m not prohibiting them from watching a live football match anyway or receiving an urgent call. In that case, they wave and isolate themselves, there’s no problem.”

Speaking of isolation and problems, we learned last night via L’Equipe that Christophe Galtier’s coaching diploma was not approved by the FFF! In question, the absence of “retraining” deemed diploma, a kind of updating of one’s knowledge, compulsory every three years. The 55-year-old technician will have to take advantage of an international break to submit to this constraint and should benefit from an exemption by then, even if he will have to apply to the Federation.

to summarize

In a long interview with Le Parisien, the new PSG coach, Christophe Galtier, returned to some controversial subjects that accompanied his arrival. If he understands the skepticism, he does not digest certain negative comments.

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