Gaillac. At the book fair, the children reinvented the animal world

The Rotary Saint-Michel de Gaillac is all the partners of the youth & teen book fair. Last year the dictation test he offered did not attract crowds. “Perhaps because it was too close to the school”, recognizes Laurent Squassina.

This year, on the contrary, the club’s proposal has generated great enthusiasm among the little ones. Rotary seized on the fly an idea of ​​Bernadette Gervais, who has devoted twenty years to children’s illustration and who was present at the show. It involved redrawing a fantastic animal from a base of drawings on various objects (pear, shoe, hot-air balloon, watermelon, lemon, etc.), other animal representatives. Children can cut out, color, associate by sticking. all to invent dream (or nightmare) creatures.

The jury, made up of members of Rotary Saint-Michel and interpreted by Bernadette Gervais, distinguished two categories, 3-6 years and 7-10 years. A chick on wheels (the “poussarou”), the ecological “lampaguêpe” (the insect included in a light bulb), the “pelorisson” (ball of wool like a hedgehog), the “grazer torteur” (turtle-tractor), the “coccitron” (ladybug in a lemon, etc.

The bestiary has been enriched and, with the imagination of children, there is no fear of extinction of animal species. This game motivated the youngest, mobilized their imagination and turned out to be a real success.

Something to delight Gaillac Rotarians.

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