Gaia removes MP Pierre Kompany from its list of members after its vote on slaughter without stunning

The association for the defense of animal welfare GAIA has decided to exclude the deputy (Les Engagés) Pierre Kompany. This Friday, in the Brussels Parliament, a proposal for an ordinance aimed at prohibiting the slaughter of animals without prior stunning was narrowly rejected: 42 against, 38 for and 8 abstentions. Among the opponents is therefore Pierre Kompany, also a member of Gaia.

Mr. Kompany’s electoral behavior harms the fundamental interests of the welfare of thousands of sheep and cattle slaughtered without stunning, who will continue to endure extreme pain and considerable scientifically proven suffering at the Anderlecht slaughterhouse. It is therefore unacceptable that a member of GAIA, in his capacity as an MP, votes in favor of maintaining slaughter without stunning and therefore against the prevention of avoidable animal suffering”, declares the president of GAIA, Michel Vandenbosch in a press release.

The exclusion of Pierre Kompany as a member of Gaia takes effect immediately. GAIA made several attempts, by telephone and email, to speak to Mr. Kompany about the issue of slaughter without stunning and also provided him with written information on the subject. In vain. The fact that Pierre Kompany voted against the ban on Friday closes the doors of GAIA to him”, concluded the animal association.

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