From the Mountains of the Pyrenees to defend the sheep of Nivernais in Montigny-sur-Canne

Until July 31, a new call for projects allows sheep and goat breeders to apply to State services for financial aid for the implementation of means of protecting herds against wolf predation.

Laurence Laborde, breeder of three hundred ewes in Montigny-sur-Canne was among the first to seize the opportunity two years ago, as soon as the opportunity arose. “I knew that aid could be granted for the purchase and maintenance of guard dogs when our animals graze on municipalities that the wolf can cross. »

The presence of the wolf is gradually becoming commonplace in the Nièvre

Laurence has never had to deplore wolf attacks: “It happened a month ago to a fellow breeder in Diennes-Aubigny, 7 km from here. A year and a half ago, it was Mr. Laporte’s animals that had suffered attacks, in Chougny in the neighboring Bazois. »

crumple, 2 and a half years old today, has thus arrived at 10 months, already dressed, to live his life as a guard dog day and night in the midst of two hundred sheep. He was joined last fall by Scooby, 2 months, also of the Montagne des Pyrénées breed (known as Patou or Pastou), untrained on arrival. “I was responsible for his education. And Rumple is a loyal supporter who leads by example Scooby?! Because the status of protector includes a certain shadow of obligations including the basic triptych: the sheep you will not pursue, with the sheep you will not play, the sheep you will not frighten.

Ravens, crows, badgers, foxes: other predators

Apprenticeship well on the way to completion, the ewes showing no fear, including in direct contact with dogs.

Deterrence against wolves therefore remains theoretical until now. But the presence of crumple distributed an immediate benefit to the breeding of Laurence Laborde: “Since he has been there, I no longer have to deplore losses with the lambings outside?! I no longer have any attacks. » Predation by foxes, badgers, ravens and crows has ceased. Crows sting the ears, eyes and backs of young lambs with frequent death. Buses just eat the placenta. “The tactic of the fox is different: He comes behind the ewe, and seizes the lamb directly at birth. I counted a lot?! crumple an end to this mess. A proportion attributed to “12%. I largely cover my acquisition and maintenance costs.
Laurence Laborde’s satisfaction is such that another patou will soon reinforce the troop of protectors.

Jean-Christophe Henriet


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