From Paris to New York, what if dogs were the future of luxury?

Published on August 03, 2022 at 10:30 a.m.

From Paris to New York, what if dogs were the future of luxury? – ©Press

From Paris to New York, the dog has become a stooge, whose wardrobe inspires the wildest expenses.

Are our four-legged friends the future of luxury? Yes, they who until recently barely arrogated to themselves the right to sit on a sofa. These animals that rural France confined to the roles of hunting dogs or guard dogs have become full members of families, through the combined effect of a new way of life that has emerged with the pandemic and the taking of ecological awareness. “To save ourselves and save nature, we try to exculpate ourselves by treating the animal well”, analyzes the philosopher Mark Alizart, author of the book “Dogs” (ed. Puf). The adoption of quadrupeds has, in fact, experienced a boom after the first confinement. The luxury brands’ offensive did not take long. Even Hedi Slimane had his dog Elvis pose for the Celine house, that is to say.



The dog, the new fetish muse

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From little Scottish coats that will make us smile to Gucci jumpsuits at 390 euros, there is only one step! If the trend began at the turn of the 2000s under the influence of a Paris Hilton at the height of her glory, flanked by her chihuahua Tinkerbell (now deceased), dressed all in pink, angora sweaters and bow ties included, today, the dog has become a muse in its own right. Because if it sells, it mainly buys. According to Fediaf figures, the European pet food industry, services and non-food products for our doggies represent the astronomical sum of 21.2 billion euros per year. As for “dogwear”, it should grow at a breakneck pace of 23% per year by 2026 according to “Forbes” magazine. “Without passing any moral judgment on the phenomenon, the narcissistic obsessions of humans have been transposed into the canine world. After the child, the dog becomes king, justifying all sorts of guilt-free expenses,” observes fashion historian Adrian Kammarti.


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In short, the dog eats vegan kibble, takes care of his coat with Hermès shampoos, protects himself from the cold with Moncler down jackets, like a most privileged human being. “Let’s keep in mind that we are children of Disney. We grew up accompanied by fictions where the animals danced, sang, spoke with us,” concluded Mark Alizart. Disney whose theme parks have the slogan “When dreams come true”.

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