French team: Giroud, Deschamps attend more than fine words …

Present at a press conference this Wednesday, Didier Deschamps asked for the return of Olivier Giroud to the French team. Despite his presence in this gathering, the AC Milan striker is far from having a guaranteed place for Qatar.

Deschamps not sure whether to take Giroud to Qatar

I will always believe it. I proved that I was able to put my “pseudo” pride and my “pseudo” ego aside. Like this declaration dating from last May, Olivier Giroud explained several times in the press that he was ready to become an exemplary substitute to participate in the next World Cup with the France team. Enough to convince Didier Deschamps?

Between saying and doing…

Obviously, no. Asked at a press conference this Wednesday on the calls from the foot of the AC Milan striker, the coach of the Blues did not seem particularly convinced. I don’t know what he’s telling you, the limit a doesn’t interest me first launched the tricolor technician.

What interests me are the discussions and the changes that I can have with him, he continued. But I’ve always known how it works, and I’m going to put myself in it: between saying and doing, there is a journey. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it will be part of my thoughts in the near future.

He knows what I’m thinking

Clearly, DD seems to think that Giroud will not keep his word if he spends the majority of his time on the bench during the World Cup. How can he convince him? He was not convincing, replies the coach. He knows what I think. I am not going to reopen the debate on the statute. It is not specific to Olivier Giroud. There are several players, since I have been there, that I have not taken in relation to their status. Even if it did not have as much media resonance.

Back in selection for this September rally due to the absence of Karim Benzema, blessed with a thigh, the player with 112 caps and 48 goals is therefore still far from having won his place for Qatar. Olivier’s objective here is to do everything to perform, warns Deschamps. For him as for others, there is competition and there will be choices to be made. It’s up to Giroud to prove that he is a necessary element for the Blues. Ds Thursday against Austria?

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