free cat feeders want more respect from dog owners

“We have about ten cats under consideration following attacks by dogs (Malinois, Belgian shepherd, hunting dog) having a master. Sometimes it’s the Adap 64 (Pyrenean Animal Defense Association, editor’s note), an association with which the town hall has agreed to sterilize and identify stray cats, and which takes care of the care, but often it’s out of pocket. that we pay for the medicines”, confide the feeders, who are fed up with this situation.

“Start the dialogue”

“We tried to start a dialogue with some owners by reminding them of the obligation to keep their dog on a leash, but we were not heard. »

Keeping your dog on a leash, at least in town, in certain public places concerned, is recommended for its safety, but also because it is a legal obligation, according to article 213 of the rural code.

A municipal decree, dated December 26, 1991 and signed by the mayor of the time André Cazetien, specifies in its article 2 that “the wandering of dogs is prohibited, they must be kept on a leash”, supplemented by the article 3: “any stray dog, with or without a collar, will be immediately seized and impounded”.

Without forgetting to refuse the fact that the town hall of Mourenx has contracted with the Service for the assistance and control of the animal population (SACPA) of Monein, which takes care of stray animals.

In addition to the wounds inflicted on the free cats, the dogs eat their kibble, distributed once a day by the feeders. “We have to do a round again so that the cats can eat. It’s an additional burden for us who take up our free time and make it more difficult to manage our kibble stock. It’s a daily battle for us. »

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