François Hollande: “If I were head of state, I would not go to Qatar”

The subject of the boycott of the next football World Cup organized in Qatar has infused the debates in recent weeks. This Thursday, at the “Demain le Sport” festival, the former President of the Republic François Hollande gave his opinion on the subject. “On the situation today, where there was information on what the site represented then on the breaches of the climatic rules, there is this movement of boycott. But I can’t ask football players not to go to the competition they’ve been preparing for for years. The position that says ”do not go” seems untenable to me. As for the position to tell the viewers ”do not look”, fortunately no one is behind a viewer to know what he has to do or not. Finally, given the conditions of what we know about the conditions in which this competition takes place, climatic and construction, if I were Head of State, but I am no longer so my position is easy, I don’t take me to Qatar. »

“For a PSG player, talking about Qatar is not easy”

François Hollande, former President of the Republic

François Hollande recalled that the protest movement had been less when the World Cup was awarded to Qatar in December 2010: “At that time, there was no particular controversy, except at the climatological level. There was no protest movement. And France (then chaired by Nicolas Sarkozy) did not remain indifferent to the choice of Qatar at the time, particularly in connection with the takeover of PSG. »

The former President of the Republic also mentioned the delicate position of Parisian players in their ability to express themselves on the subject: “For a PSG player, talking about Qatar is not easy compared to his employer, I can admit it… Players have already committed to racism, the climate issue… Maybe some will express themselves at the time of the World Cup but it is not convenient either, one expects first that they ensure their mission of winning the competition. But I think the managers and agents who sometimes pressure players to shut up, don’t understand how important that is, given the influence these players have… Being sporty , it’s not only playing with a ball or running fast, it’s also having a social role. »


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