France Relance launches a sterilization campaign for dogs and cats in Guadeloupe – All the news of Guadeloupe on the Internet

Measure 4B of the France Relance plan, “Support for local projects carried out by animal protection associations”, aimed at improving the reception of abandoned animals in shelters or foster families and preventing abandonment by setting up Sterilization campaigns are produced in Guadeloupe

An envelope of €480,000 was sent to Guadeloupe, via two successive calls for projects, which will thus allow:
– the creation of a shelter for pets in Marie-Galante;
– the creation of a refuge for equines in mainland Guadeloupe;
– equipping an animal protection association to improve the care of animals in foster families and the development of local adoptions;
– the implementation of subsidized sterilization campaigns throughout the country, with 50% reimbursement of veterinary costs, for dogs and cats owned by individuals, for those intended for local adoption, as well as for so-called “free”.

Aid for sterilization subject to conditions

To find out about the conditions for assistance with the sterilization of your animal, you can contact:
– your veterinarian;
– an animal protection association receiving a grant: Guadeloupe Union of Animal Protection Associations (UGAPA)
For mainland Guadeloupe: [email protected]
For Saint Martin: [email protected]
For Desirade: [email protected]
For Saints: [email protected]
For Marie-Galante: [email protected]

Association Guadeloupe animals:
For Marie-Galante exclusively: [email protected] org / 06 90 73 99 90


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