France-Austria: what consequences in the event of a descent into the League of Nations?

Since June, the France team has lost any chance of defending its title in the League of Nations. She can no longer join Denmark at the top of group 1 and is already excluded from the Final Four which she won in October 2021 in Italy against Spain (2-1) after having dismissed Belgium in the semi-finals ( 3-2).

Currently last in Group 1 with two points, the Blues would even be mathematically relegated to League B in the event of a defeat against Austria tonight. To stay in Ligue A, maintain the sporting interest of their upcoming League of Nations matches, but also their popular media interest and not offend its broadcasters, the France team must beat Austria to have its destiny in main.

In case of victory, it would remain in League A by doing as well as Austria on the last day. While the Blues will go to Denmark on Sunday, the Austrians have defeated Croatia.

Complications for Euro 2024 qualifying

A poor ranking in League A (all teams will be ranked from 1 to 16) would have consequences, first of all, on the qualifications for Euro 2024 in Germany, the draw of which will take place on October 9 in Frankfurt. From 11th place, France could slip into hat 2, which they are clearly threatened with this morning. The other consequence of a bad ranking could be the loss of the possibility of catching up: in March 2024, twelve unqualified nations, according to their ranking in the different Leagues, will compete in play-offs for the three remaining tickets for the Euro which will will take place a few months later.


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