Four-year-old boy dies two hours after GP appointment

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published by Celine on June 19, 2022 at 11:33 am

A four-year-old boy died of heart disease. The June 13, 2022 survey claimed that ultimately, her family doctor could not diagnose the infection.

Four-year-old boy dies two hours after visiting doctor


“I heard loud breathing”

George Thomas Spencer is one of Terry and Danielle’s identical twins. This little piece passed away on March 19, 2021, two hours after his GP sent him home. Dr. Jill Osgood revealed during the hearing on Monday June 13, 2022 that the little one was prone to a viral infection, called croup.

He also claims that when he saw him, his heart rate, temperature and oxygen saturation were normal. The doctor also specifies that the child was very talkative and jokedhe spoke complete sentences, he didn’t have a hoarse voice… But nevertheless, he claims to have heard noisy breathing.

A few hours after finding his home, the baby’s condition deteriorated. And the 4-year-old twin quickly got blue lips. His parents then immediately called the ambulance, but before he arrived, a neighbor qualified first aider had to use a defibrillator…

An extremely difficult disease to diagnose

Dr Peter Fitzmaurice said the baby’s autopsy revealed that he died of myocarditis. According to him, this disease can develop following a viral infection. In little George’s case, it was croup.

The investigation also revealed that although George had been sent to hospital following his visit to the GP’s office, he certainly wouldn’t have had an ECG. And it was the only way to detect myocarditis… A difficult tragedy for parents to accept, as one can easily imagine.

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