Formula 1 | Gasly: ​​It will take time to break the ice with Ocon

On his arrival in Austin for the United States Grand Prix, Pierre Gasly once again wanted to show his confidence in his future duo with Esteban Ocon, while the two drivers have been cold for many years.

During this media day which begins at COTA, the AlphaTauri pilot expects “break the ice” take time however.

“We’re both smart enough to know what’s best for the team. We were friends, we had a more complicated relationship after that and then I would say since we came to Formula 1, we we both made one of our dreams come true.”

“In recent years, it has improved a little to be honest.”

“I’m not at all worried about this collaboration with Esteban. We’re not going to be best friends tomorrow, it’s probably going to take some time to break the ice too, together, and spend a little more time talking .”

“But I’m sure we know what’s best for us, for the team and the fact that we have to work together. And the fact is that there is already mutual respect for the drivers that we are. For to me, that’s the most important choice, as long as there’s respect the rest will come naturally.”

“I see it more as an opportunity to reconcile and get back to a healthier relationship, let’s say, like we had for many years in the past.”

“We have the same goal, we both want to fight at the top and if you want to achieve it, you have to work with your teammate to boost the team forward.”

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