For ARS Bretagne, the summer in the emergency services went well overall – Rennes

“It is not a satisfaction. We have to remain vigilant, but in the Breton emergency services, the summer went well overall, ”explains Stéphane Mulliez, director general of the Regional Health Agency of Brittany. Despite the presence of many holidaymakers on Breton soil, the emergency services of Breton hospitals saw their attendance decrease by 7% this summer compared to the year 2021. “We recorded 156,000 entries, against 168,000 l ‘last year. By calling the “15” more, citizens have preserved the healthcare system,” adds Stéphane Mulliez. “Thanks to the 13% of beds closed, to the punctual triggering of the health reserve, the caregivers were able to take three weeks of affiliation leave. We must continue like this and make the call to the Samu a reflex. »

As a result of this influx of calls, the number of regulatory files opened by the Samu this summer in Brittany has increased by 18%. In order to distribute the patients as well as possible, the Samu redirected 1,250 patients to private medical practices. Always to alleviate emergencies which are sorely lacking in emergency physicians, strict regulation has been made at night in the hospitals of Fougères, Redon, Saint-Grégoire, Ploërmel and Carhaix. “The entrance was managed by a nurse in connection with the 15”, recalls Stéphane Mulliez. “Unlike the other centers, in Vitré, the strict regulation put in place in December 2019 will continue. »

For minor ailments, consult your pharmacist

Finally, if the emergency services stopped the embolism this summer, it is also partly thanks to the fifty or so pharmacists who experimented with the management of 13 mild symptoms: rhinitis, pharyngeal pain, lumbar pain, released, headache, constipation, pain when urinating, conjunctivitis, tick bite, simple wound, 1st degree burn, etc. In total, 1,000 patients were taken care of in pharmacies, which stopped a medical consultation half the time. This experiment will be continued and extended to a hundred pharmacies in Brittany in the coming weeks.

To better treat and decongest the hospital, the mother of battles remains recruitment. Since 2019, the medical faculties of Brest and Rennes have increased their number of students by 19%. Nursing schools 19% and nursing aide schools 43%.

Covid 19: contaminations on the rise

As for the covid 19 epidemic, the contamination figures have been on the rise again since the beginning of September. Since September 20, this resumption of epidemic activity has resulted in hospitals in a small upsurge in hospitalizations. The incidence rate now stands at 348 cases per 100,000 inhabitants on average in Brittany and 415 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in Ille-et-Vilaine. “Twice vaccination is really necessary for people over 60 or for immunocompromised people,” recalls Anne-Briac Bili, chief of staff to the director general of ARS Brittany.

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