Football OL – OL-ASSE: A barbaric clash sows chaos – Olympique Lyonnais

This season, ASSE and OL will not meet in the league, but the rivalry is still present between the two rival clubs.

When the rivalry between AS Saint-Etienne and Olympique Lyonnais gives birth to electric derbies, French football can only be admiring. This season, the two best enemies will not find each other, ASSE playing in Ligue 2. Unfortunately, this does not prevent the supporters of the two camps from continuing to hate each other. And some of them went overboard in the village of Ruoms, in ArdΓ¨che, on the night of Wednesday August 3 to Thursday August 4, 2022. In the middle of the night, OL and ASSE supporters are violently confronted, according to information reported by France 3 Auvergne – RhΓ΄ne Alpes. The confrontation was not trivial since some protagonists were equipped with bladed weapons or brass knuckles.

Violent clash leaves 4 injured

According to the media, all the troublemakers are tourists on vacation in the area and are between 16 and 18 years old. The scuffle caused damage as three ambulances were dispatched to the scene of the incident. A total of four people were injured during this savage clash. Two people were taken to hospital in relative urgency. Outraged, the mayor of the small village went there to see the damage. To date, the presidents of OL and ASSE have not reacted to this brawl and nothing obliges them to do so. But in a tense security context, and while the LFP is currently doing everything possible to eradicate violence in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 stadiums, this news item is not so trivial. And it is no more likely to reassure the authorities as the championships resume in France at the start of August.

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