Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar and Messi do not digest, cold anger

Lionel Messi and Neymar are having a superb start to the season at PSG. The Argentinian is the best provider in Ligue 1 while the Brazilian is the top scorer. The sky has returned to good weather over the Parc des Princes except for one detail, the relationship between the two stars and the Parisian public.

PSG-Bordeaux or the saddest Parisian victory last season. Not in the content since the Parisians had wandered 3-0 against the future red lantern of Ligue 1. It was rather the atmosphere that left something to be desired that day. The meeting took place four days after the debacle of PSG in Madrid and the elimination against Real Madrid 3-1. The Parisian stars and in particular the Lionel Messi-Neymar duo had not lived up to expectations. The two former Barça had received an icy welcome with whistles and even insults.

For Messi and Neymar, nothing is forgiven

Six months later, things have changed for the two Parisian artists. No more disappointing performances and failing state of mind, they are in great shape for this new season. They even supplanted Kylian Mbappé as decisive elements of the PSG attack. This was the case in Ligue 1 with eight goals scored by Neymar and seven assists offered by Lionel Messi since the resumption of the championship, the best record in France for the two men. Their influence is also visible in C1 with saving goals on Wednesday in Haifa.

Something to restore their image in the spans of the Park and ease the tensions of the last season. A finding that applies to ultras, but not to both players. Indeed, since the start of the season, they have never communicated with the public at home or away. They retained a certain resentment after the treatment suffered a few months ago, not having forgotten or forgiven. Luis Campos himself recognizes the complexity of this relationship. ” There is a scar “, recognized the sports adviser of the PSG in Rothen ignites on RMC, specifying that the two players were affected by” emotional things “. It will therefore be necessary to be patient to find a peaceful situation on this side but, one thing is certain, the performances of the two men are the best possible help.

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