Foot OL – Takeover of OL, John Textor brings back a first recruit – Olympique Lyonnais

While his takeover at OL is taking longer than expected, John Textor was at Groupama Stadium on Sunday for OL-PSG. The American was not alone and had made the trip with Mark Affolter, a powerful financier.

When John Textor was presented to the press last June, it was the start of a new era for OL. The American was seen as the one who was going to breathe new life into the Lyon project and some even saw him pushing Jean-Michel Aulas out very quickly. However, three months later, the financial power of the special effects specialist has not been visible. The Lyon transfer window was modest and in line with previous years. Worse, doubts have arisen in relation to the very person of John Textor as well as his fortune. An impression reinforced by the fact that the American is not yet definitively the owner of OL.

Mark Affolter has just taken over OL

The financing of the takeover of OL by John Textor has been questioned by the banks. His partner, Bill Foley, did not convince financial institutions either, as Romain Molina revealed a few days ago. Textor’s financing plan including Foley was refused by the banks, jeopardizing his takeover at OL. Nevertheless, it seems that he has more than one trick up his sleeve and above all more than one partner to succeed in his financial arrangement.

The team reveals this Tuesday evening that Mark Affolter will take the place of Bill Foley in the round table. This powerful financier is associated with the Ares Management credit group. Affolter will provide part of the financing for the takeover of the Lyon club. Information signed Hugo Guillemet but which has not been revealed since by the Textor clan. Nevertheless, it is certain that Mark Affolter was present at Groupama Stadium on Sunday evening, alongside Textor, for the OL-PSG clash. Good news for OL supporters even if it highlights the incredible complexity of the case and leaves a shadow on the medium-term future of the club.

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